Am I too sensitive?

So there is someone who loves to criticize or so called making fun of others~~~

I am so serious with all these people. Or should i said i am overprotecting my friend...when someone making fun of her, i start to get mad and trying to warn them...

It isn't a fault for someone to perform his/hers skill. And you are trying to tell him/her that showing off is isn't the best~~~Gee~! what the freaking hell was going on? are you telling me you are jelly because he/she can use a better poem which is lower form poem and you can't? Maybe i should said that people work and study harder to learn more and you didn't make it so i guarantee you are jelly-ing....YOU SCUMBAG! please respect others, you think hurting and criticizing people is fun? Well~if this situation is at you, will you be happy? DAMN! Piss OFF!! LEARN TO RESPECT!


I love EMO!

Well, its been a long time. Here i m back again. I m become totally EMO...i wish to cry out loud but i don't want too. I seriously don't understand what m i doing. I used to be a hyper active girl and optimistic plus love to think positive. But nowadays, i don't know why i turn myself be so useless and hopeless. It is because of homesickness? Too stress? Too boring?

All my friend said i m insane. Yes, indeed. I am really insane, but do any of them know i m sad inside? What they know, only the opposite side of me. I m downcast and sad inside but no one know. Everyone thought i was crazy~~ i m really hopeless...

AH!!!! whats wrong with you? Can you be more motivated? I m lonely~~~ i want my family!
Hey~don't care about me! Perhaps after few days i will turn to normal again~~~I M SERIOUSLY DON'T KNOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!!!

God~can you show and lead me to the correct and happy way? I m lost in the middle of the street~~Can GOD lead me home?

Can i stop talking? I m boring!!! I love EMO!!!!!!!!!! i am totally crazy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

난 정말 미쳤어! 어떻게? 도와주세요!!! 부탁합니다!
난 나의 가족 정말 그리워!!


I m gonna explode~~~

Oh my GOD~~~is week 4 now. Why time elapsed just as we winked our eyes?

Well, my sem 2 life started...For me, i would think this sem is a challenge for me. Why i say so??
Because my sem 2 practical group is HOPELESS!!! All the report i have to do it myself, aren't you guys tell me to give others do it since their LAZINESS and SIMPLY DO become more horrible? My lecture told me the report is half of my coursework mark. On the day the lecture distribute us into groups, i turned to be moody and speechless plus i was not in the mood to talk to friends. Fine, i cant complain so much since i had chose this subject and i have to accept my destiny.

Seriously this sem is my toughest period, due to the reason~in last sem, i got an A- in my english so i was distributed into A class. Why they done this? To balance the study level of every students. Well, perhaps it was not so bad at all, i still have 3 of my friends same class with me,Huey2, Monica and Jin. In this sem, we have to do our 10 min individual presentation, summary writing and group presentation. The great news is we dont have to wear formal looking, HEHE! our lecture said formal attire doesn't mean you can speak well.

Oh~i never talk about my friends live nearby. Actually i got 3 friends live at the same area with me, Jingjie same condo different block, Huey2 nearby condo, Lingjin nearby condo. But recently Huey2 moved to her new condo which is at PV, so i left 2 friends. We used to go home together, went to UCHA blow water (what i learnt at KL), went to buy grocery, ate dinner together and also went to pasar malam. At KL, i had a lot of memorable memories with all my new friends. Plus, i learnt to be independent.

By the way~i had ever be emotional since last week. I zipped my mouth as my mouth filled with gold, i was totally hopeless. I felt stressful due to the report thing. I never thought to cry just to release my stress but doing nothing unconsciously. It feels like i am not myself. After sometimes chatted with my bestie, i felt better and i m thankful for her. I became normal again at the next day. ^.^

I felt so sorry for my hometown friends that i couldn't attend the gathering. I promised my friend earlier to accompany her to Lowyat look for a new phone casing. The next day, they changed the plan...they want to go for a riding or so called cycling at Putrajaya on Saturday which was the day my hometown friends invited me out. That day was also my classmate's birthday~they had a BBQ party at night. Time crushed at the same, my friend (the driver not afford to drive me home as soon as possible because they want to buy something prepare for the BBQ party) so i can't be that selfish. I m really sorry for my friends. Hope you guys understand, if you guys went out on Sunday, i m sure ON!

So sorry, my dear friends T^T

Till here then, i still have to go school to discuss report with friends. I will try my best in this SEM! 화이팅!


My Sem Break Holidays!!

Hahaha~~~~~~~~ >o<

Once again, i had been left out since a decade ago...Hmm..isn't that i am the one who lazy to write blog? Haha..i guess so @.@

Well, actually my 1st sem in college was quite awesome...i had met a lots of friends from different states. Finally i got to know their habits and attitudes and more..i think it was quite hard to communicate with each others when we were facing unsatisfication opinion? Haha..but after a long time to hang out with them, i am used to it.

Hehe~i took korean class in my college life...MY FAVOURITE! The class took 1 and half months to complete the basic element. There was some assignment and an exam, guess what? i got A for my exam!! OMG! Oh yeah~talking about exam result, my result will be release on 18 September 2012. I hope i can get some As from some subjects.

By the way~i should start my blog even earlier cause the new sem is coming thats mean my holiday getting over...but nevermind i just briefly talk about my life in KL. There was no such GREAT thing about my rental "HOSTEL"...those people in the house were so eerie...they wont speak to you cause maybe they were not that friendly...but somehow i love my groupmates, they are so kind! Glad that GOD let us meet with each others.

Now lets talk about my sem break holiday. It was so GREAT to return to your own sweet home, but now is time to say goodbye again to my sweet home. What have i done during my sem break? Hmm, i watched korean drama " Rooftop Prince", "Mayqueen" and my favourite korean entertainment " RUNNINGMAN"!
Oh my...i really really love korean movie, ITS FANTASTIC BABY!

There were also some agony during my holidays...i had been attacked by toothache, the "reborn" of acne and pimples(maybe it is because of my sensitive skin? o.O) and somemore diarrhea...AHHH!!! i think i should not take other food anymore, i dont want to have the same problem again and again. Plus, i think i  have to loss weight since all my aunts said that i had gained weight... T^T

안녕하세요! 내 이름은 메르린 입니다. 나 JYJ, 빅뱅, 한지민, 런닝멘 팬 입니다! 반가워요!  한국말 어렵다 하지만 재밌다!


The day i 'ran' out from home

Hehe~it seems like my blog did not update for a 'decade'...wakakaka ><

So to improve my english, i'm gonna start my blog in english plus our school encourage us to speak more in english...i know is quite hard for me to change my language but i'll try my best!

After i 'ran' out from home, i need to start a new life which is no parents guiding~~~I used to be protected by my dear parents...but~ from now on i have to try my best to live my life independently.

I had never get home sick~~until the day i 'ran' out from my home...i am seriously emo-ing~! I felt like hating myself because i cant even hold my tears when i went to the airport~~~i am very useless...even some of my friends, they come to here by themselves and they didn't really felt a bit of sadness or anything~~~

I am very clear with my aim...My aim to come here is to study~but this morning...although i am happy to join a new college life, i felt that everything surrounding me is very strange to me...i am not sure that i can throw all these mindset away but i am trying my best to suit myself in a new surrounding~

Oh God~~when can i set aside all my homesickness, strange feeling and stress??

I am really lost myself...by the way~is time to off to sleep...bye guys! see you next time =D




华语~如往常过的去,不过很大预感是不及格 ><
高级数学~paper 1 过的去,paper 2 嘛一个字 ‘死’
物理~paper 1 机关枪的子弹都完了,都没办法


1)Quantity Surveyor---physics 烂的要命~爸爸说很辛苦
3)Planner---不懂哪儿有的读 (在马来西亚)



Clarice: 谢谢你的DOMO! 我有个和你有关的东西可以纪念了...LOL >o<




有时候一句‘对不起’ 根本不能弥补一切, 至于她们两个~我也感到非常愧疚。